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Erin King - Feet for Life School of Podortho® Nursing

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Role : CEO/Director of Education – Feet for Life School of Podortho® Foot Specialists, Published Author, Registered Practical Nurse, Podortho® Foot Specialist
Specialist in : Registered Practical Nurse / Podortho® Foot Specialist


About Erin

Erin is the Director of Care and Education and CEO of Feet for Life School of Podortho Foot Specialists (FFLSPFS) a division of Feet for Life Medical Foot Care Ltd. Erin has been a Nurse for twenty-five-years previously working in hospitals, long term care facilities and private practice.

Erin’s passion for foot and lower limb care came from her days of being a national level competitive gymnast and coach. She quickly transitioned into more of a non-traditional nursing role and opened her business Feet for Life twenty years ago in Barrie, Ontario Canada. While Erin enjoyed traditional nursing care, she recognized that our aging and growing population had a significant need for medical foot and lower limb care in her community and had always felt drawn to entrepreneurship coming from a long line in her family. Over the decades Erin has drawn from her nursing body of knowledge, clinical skills and continuing education initiatives to develop her individual scope of practice as an expert in the area of foot and lower limb care.

Erin is a former Georgian College instructor, teaching and designing the Advanced Nursing Foot Care program and now educates Nurses and other Health Care Providers in her private practice ensuring her students are exposed to and educated in the many available treatment options to meet the needs of Ontarian’s and beyond. This is accomplished through providing advanced content with her authored published textbook Podortho Nursing Advanced Foot & Lower Limb Care (2020). Watch for her second edition coming out soon.

Feet for Life’s advanced footcare education program ensures each health care provider student is engaged in comprehensive theoretical education and superior hands-on clinical practice through one-on-one mentorship. FFLSPFS program includes concepts to deliver advanced treatment modalities both allopathic and holistic such as; advanced skin and nail care, gait analysis, orthotic, compression and photomodulation therapy. Each health care provider student will be competent and confident to deliver advanced foot and lower limb care upon completion of her program. Her students will learn how to eliminate discomfort and pain, provide hygienic care, decrease risks of infections, falls, diabetic and vascular complications of the foot and lower limb through non-pharmaceutical interventions ensuring their future clients will remain and/or improve mobility and activity to sustain overall health with happy feet for life.

As the first Nurse to open a clinic in Ontario, Canada Erin has paved a path forward to change the perception of Nursing care in our province. She owns and operates her medical foot and lower limb care clinic in Barrie, Ontario and educates healthcare providers to augment their scopes of practice building upon their knowledge and skills to meet this growing need across the country. Through her ambitious disposition, she encourages her colleagues to branch into community health care to service this essential need through her comprehensive Podortho Foot Specialist Program. 

Erin’s teaching method prepares all of her students to address their client’s foot and lower limb concerns while encompassing a whole patient care approach and caring as a community resource for all the needs of her clients. This multidisciplinary approach to care serves her clients well and encourages this process throughout her patented program. 

Learn how to be successful in this career and keep your clients mobile and pain-free to continue to be an active healthy part of their respective communities. Supporting our communities through Encouraging health wellness ensures a prosperous province. 

Foot Care is artistic in its scope, practice and cure and plays a vital role to one’s health related to quality of life.

King, E.D.


We look forward to working with you and assisting you in obtaining a new and exciting career in foot and lower limb care.

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